Licensed Lay Ministers' Association

of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island


Resources / Questions

Webpage Update: June 18, 2019


01. Online Sermon Resources

- Anglican Online: Preaching Resources

- The Episcopal Network: Sermons the Work

- Comments on the Revised Common Lectionary

- Sermon of the Week

02. The Community Online Lectionary - NRSV text

03. The Community Online Lectionary - Book of Common Prayer

04. Revised Common Lectionary

05. Make Preparation: Liturgy Planning Notes by Paul Gibson

06. Biblical Pronunciation

07. Liturgical Texts Online

08. Diocese of Nova Scotia and PEI Prayer Cycle

09. A suggested MS Word Template for the Prayers of the People (Based on one used at Christ Church, Stellarton.).I suggest that you save this file to your template directory before use.


If you have any questions, or answers to questions posted here, please email the webmaster

01. Where can I purchase an alb?

- Gaspard

- Chagall Design

- Harcourts

02. Where can I find a sewing pattern so I can make my own alb?

Clerical Patterns

03. How do I get a Lay Reader medallion and ribbon?

- Ask your rector or priest-in-charge to contact Dennis Eisan who keeps a supply on hand. Remember, a Lay Reader-in-training wears a blue ribbon, a licensed Lay Reader wears a purple ribbon.

04. What should I bring with me to the Fall Conference?

- You should bring your alb or surplice and cassock.

- a B.A.S, a B.C.P, and a Bible.
- If you play a musical instrument, please bring it with you. (That being said, I won't be bringing my tuba!)

05. How do I tie my cincture?

- Here is a graphic that shows how.

06. Can I wear a prayer shawl with my alb or cassock and surplice?

- No, prayer shawls are no longer permitted, the only item you can wear with either an alb or surplice is the lay readers's ribbon and medallion. A poppy is permitted on Remembrance Day.

07. Who can do The Blessing and when?

- Only the priest can perform the blessing. This is one of the priestly duties.